She lives in a fairytale...

A-Level studyee living in a small and quiet town with many friends, some sane some not. She is enjoying life and is thankful for true friends. She believes true friends stay with you forever. She is in a habit of referring to herself on blog in the third person yet doesn't know why. :) Music makes her world go round and she is prone to crazy bouts of daydream about the impossible and impracticle yet likes it that way. She is a happy person, who likes to believe the best in people yet is also excellent at detecting bs. She doesn't like fakes, and she believes people who plan to leave her life quickly should not enter it as she is fond of deep emotional attatchments and surrounds herself with positive, if not slightly strange, individuals. She loves to talk; and whether it be deep and profound or trivial she is always willing to listen and help.

Paramore, Dakota Fanning, The Runaways, Joan Jett, Kristen Stewart, Flyleaf, Sia, Muse, The Veronicas, Glee, Twilight, Clinic, Twitter, Katy Rose, Ke$ha, The Pretty Reckless.

I believe in Robsten and THE TWILIGHT SAGA :) x
Dakota Fanning
The Runaways - best film EVER!!

Dakota Fanning

The Runaways - best film EVER!!

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